Wednesday, 18 April 2012

EventS in mY cOllegE

It has been about 8 months I'm studying in KIC...
There was a lot of events held..
Some of the events I could not forget in my life..
It was really an awesome moment with my friends..

Especially the 'Merdeka Raya' Event..

This event was celebrated for Independence Day and Hari Raya !
We combined both of the celebration and named that event as Merdeka Raya ~

My friends and I performed a dance which is based on our Indian Culture.
Some of my Malay and Chinese friends also performed.

We started to practice two weeks before the events starts..

We enjoyed ourselves, and so do the audience and my lecturers..

Luiza, ME, and Renuka :)

Indians Girls of KIC and the middle one ---- Aina Sofia (Malay girl) !

Madam Bismillah (my college president) was dancing with all of us :)

Orange colour 'Thavani' -- ME ! This pic was captured when we were dancing for a  Tamil song  !

Malay, Chinese and Indian girls were dancing at the end of the event :)

My college mates - Coreen Thevi Ann and Ruba Tarshniey  !
This pic was taken after the event ends :)

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