Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My College FriendS...

This is Siva Rubini.. She is my first friend in my college..
She talked to me when all of us were in the hall...
She is a friendly girl..
She has a sweet smile :)

My room mates :)

The one on the left is Tulaashini and on the right side is Thachiyaini :)
Both of them are so close..
They usually go out on weekends..

This picture is snapped when they went to KLCC..

Most of the time, I don't go out with them because of certain reasons :)
However, I hope they will be close friends forever !

My House mates...

This is a picture of my house mates..
Some are missing in this picture..

Look ! All of us are so close and having fun !
I'm glad to have such friends :)
They are really awesome !

My ClasS maTes !

They are my lovable classmates !
I wish to be in this class for the 5 years that I'm going to be here !

My classmates are very helpful to each other..We used to have fun in class !
Whenever there is any events in my college, all of us will co-operate and enjoy ourselves !
I'm glad to them as my classmates !

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