Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My beSt Buddy...

I don't have any best friends till I reached KIC and met Renuka..
Renuka is from Penang and she is 20 years old this year..
She is a hot tempered girl..But I don't know how can I be so close to her..

Actually, I never thought that I will have a friend like her..
She is a girl who always cares a lot about her mum..I have never seen a friend who caring like her..
She made me felt that she is the best friend in this world.. 

In fact, Renuka and I always quarrel for simple stuffs...
Whenever I get angry, she will try to make me calm..
So do me !
But this had never let a gap occur between us..

I love the way she talks..
I can say that she is childish !
I'm glad to have her as my best friend..
I never missed my parents and siblings when I'm in college and hostel !
I can see all of them in her..
She is the best !

Renuka the crazy girl !

Me and Weynu !

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